BY Amy D. Kilpatrick, David A. Crumbaugh, CPA and Sarah C. Westcott


"Stop wasting time, start making money!" - David A. Crumbaugh

You know you need to increase the number of referrals that you receive to grow your business. But you find that your networking efforts seem to be hit-or-miss and less than successful. Stop guessing and start gaining! Culled from over 30 years of combined experience by networking experts Amy Kilpatrick and David Crumbaugh, these Efficient and Effective Networking Tips are designed to maximize the efforts of business professionals to grow their business through the power of strategic networking. From identifying the right opportunities and the right people you need to meet, to ensuring a positive reception for your message, you will be able to implement these tips quickly and easily for a positive breakthrough towards your strategic business growth. 

This simple guide offers a step-by-step approach to successful network marketing. Stop wasting your time and money on networking events, until you have a better understanding of how to turn them into opportunities. 


"While most business professionals are

familiar with the term networking,

they rarely equate it to a

marketing strategy." - Amy D. Kilpatrick 


About the Authors

Leading experts in the area of strategic alliance marketing, Amy D. Kilpatrick and David A. Crumbaugh, Co-Founders of Nspired Networking Consulting LLC along with co-author, Sarah C. Westcott, have put together tips to help you become more efficient and effective in your referral marketing strategy. 


What others are saying about this book:

"Gets right to the point!  Simple, concise, and relevant tips help you grow your business with proven, effective strategies. I've been trained by Amy and the really works!" - Sue Henry, Speaker, Trainer at, Author of ebook, 25 Places to Find Speaking Gigs    

"Makes sense of networking! Well written with common sense tips. This book unlocks the secrets to networking that don't come naturally to all of us. Many times I've attended events with the hope it would help my business but walked away frustrated. I see now that I wasn't actually networking. Thanks for the easy read that actually is full of good information." - S. Jackson, TX 

"A must read. In this wonderful book, Amy and David give some fantastic tips to both the novice and experienced networker.  I highly recommend this easy-to-read book."  - James Barber, Author of The Networking Guru 

 Excellent book. Simple and powerful.  It's well worth your purchase, these authors now have great hands-on experience and ideas to pass on to the rest of us. Thank you! - Gail

Why We Wrote This Book

We have a desire to help other business professionals reach their goals.  When both David and I began our careers years ago, we had been taught the skills to DO the business; however, we failed to have the skills to GROW our businesses.  That is until we discovered networking and what an impact it can make when it is approached as a referral marketing strategy.  We now have over 30 years of combined experience in training other professionals how to build and utilize their network for maximum results.  While networking has been around since the beginning of business commerce there are still many who struggle with the basics.  In early 2015, David and I, along with Sarah Westcott began compiling a list of our most asked questions and how we have addressed them. This simple guide was created from the top ten that made our list, in hopes that it will help you streamline your efforts-to-results timeline.


Why You Need to Read This Book

For most, strategic alliance marketing is the preferred method to generate the high-level of referrals that are needed to be successful in their industry.  This guide is full of tips that have been designed to help you do this as efficiently and effectively as possible.  Whether you are a new or an experienced networker, this is a must have resource.  It breaks down some of the most basic, but most times over looked steps needed to be successful at referral marketing.  If you are like most professionals who want to increase their client base, reduce their expenses and become a top-of-mind referral, then let us Nspire YOU about networking. 

Introduction By Amy D. Kilpatrick

This book actually began its formation in 2008.  I will always remember sitting in the floor of my walk-in closet. (I was seeking a private conversation place from my then -9-and 6-year-olds.)  I reached out to David, to whom I had been briefly introduced a few weeks earlier with a quick exchange of business cards and a few words about an article I had written.  The conversation began as a courtesy call between two accountants, who shared a passion for referral marketing.  We jokingly said that we should write a book to help other accountants learn the tools that had helped both of us grow our own firms.  That began the whirlwind and formation of Nspired Networking, which is a book to be written in itself.

While Nspired quickly grew beyond the four walls of a walk-in, we never imagined that our first book would be released seven years later and that it would be a collection of tips from our many training programs that we developed and delivered together.  To be quite honest, if left up to David and me alone, it could have taken another seven years; when given a choice, we have always put our focus and energy in the development of the material we train.  So in 2014, we made a strategic move to bring Sarah Westcott onto the team. Her passion to share the Nspired Message with others in written form has fueled this project beyond what we have done on our own.

We laughingly say that Sarah’s main job is to capture my thoughts and words so they can be organized on paper.  This is a harder job than you might think, as I have at least five other books going on in my head that I have her working on.

Thanks to Sarah, she has pushed David and me to pull together this collection of tips to help you view networking more as a strategy rather than a social activity.  While they may seem very simple, each tip is included in this collection because David and I discovered in our more than 30 years of combined training that these areas are most often overlooked.

Our desire is to reduce the learning curve for professionals to achieve successful results in their networking efforts by increasing the quantity and quality of their referrals, reducing the sales cycle, increasing their closing ratio and creating long-term referral partnerships.

On behalf of Sarah, David and myself, we hope you discover “An Nspired Approach to Networking™.”

Nspired Acknowledgements


Cover Design:

Amy D. Kilpatrick

Editor in Charge:

Sarah C. Westcott

Proofreading services provided by:

Kayla M. Donahue, Proofreading and Editing Consultant


Best practice suggestions and tips:

Tim Houston, bestselling author and good friend. 

For introducing David and Amy:

Margie Harris and Mark Taylor

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